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(7 month old baby explores the Montessori Ball Drop Box)

At first, your baby will likely not be able to get the ball into the Ball Drop Box. It takes a lot of practice and coordination. Watch as baby Eric takes the challenge!

Here are some ways to get started:

  • Show your baby the ball, name it, then drop the ball into the Ball Drop Box in your baby’s view so that the ball quickly disappears then reappears.

  • Help him try; if the ball misses the hole, see if he reaches to try and get it.

  • Resist getting the ball for him right away—reaching across his body while sitting helps him develop balance and gross motor skills.

  • He’s practicing grasping and releasing on purpose as he tries to drop the ball in the box (a skill he will continue to develop throughout his first year).

  • Have him experiment with the wood and felt balls. The wood ball reliably comes out of the box and makes a loud noise, while the felt ball doesn’t make a sound and sometimes stays hidden in the box.