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Bonding Communication Months 3-4 Real world play Vocabulary Words

(Watch Esther and Freya have a conversation while mirror-gazing)

Mirror-gazing is a favorite activity for babies. Your baby doesn’t yet recognize her own facethat will come much later. But she gets to see a fascinating (and adorable!) human looking back at her. If your baby isn’t into the mirror yet, she will be soon.

  • The mirror is great for tummy time reflections; keep it low so she has to lift her head to see it

  • Add your reflection to hers, making faces in the mirror while you’re having a “conversation” together

  • Touch different parts of your face and hers, naming each
  • She will also like looking at the black and white illustration on the back of the mirror during tummy time

Your baby will start to smile at the baby she sees in the mirror between 5.5 and 8.5 months.